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Sterlizer Refurbishing/Chamber Cleaning


Our Medical Regenerations, Inc. technicians use a process that polishes the chamber, door and end ring to a smooth polished surface. Following the procedure, the chamber’s finish is easier to clean and maintain.
To best meet your needs, we offer monthly, yearly and bi-annual service maintenance contracts.
If you are interested in requesting a quote or more information, please contact us by filling out our form, fax us at 815-823-1305 or call direct 224-588-6894.


The FDA and Joint Commissions oversight on the appearance and maintenance of sterilizer chambers used in the healthcare industry is increasing. Periodic cleaning to remove unsightly build-up contaminates caused by detergents, grease, rust and normal oxidation is a must. This build-up absorbs heat from the chamber, causing substantial reduction in the effectiveness of the overall sterilizing procedure.

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Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

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Attention SPD!! Medical Regenerations Sterilizer/Autoclave Chamber Cleaning Service is Recommended by Joint Commissions!

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