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Why Choose Us?

Medical Regenerations is proud to offer its clients an exclusive, on-line repair tracking portal which provides detailed information about all the medical devices MRI has repaired for the client facility.  Each facility has its own secure log on ID and pasword, so only authorized users will be able to see the repairs.  Now clients can easily review and track their repair expenses through the portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


To see more detailed views of the information contained in the portal, click the images to enlarge.  They will open in a new window in your browser. 


Image #1 shows the basic information that is displayed when the user accesses the repair records on the portal.  Notice that the user also has the ability to locate a specific repair record by using the various sort features at the top of the page:


Image #2 shows the additional information that is displayed when the user places their mouse on or clicks the "more details" box.  This area shows the total cost of that particular repair, the actual repairs that were completed, any additional information from MRI, and the ability to request even more information about that specific repair via e-mail.


Image #3 shows the details that are displayed when the user clicks on the device serial number.  The complete repair history for that specific device is displayed, along with the total cost of all repairs.  The user can also filter the data to see repairs that were completed within a certain timeframe.  The repair costs are re-calculated to reflect the time period selected.

 To request a User Id and password to test the working demo of the repair portal, please contact us by filling out our form, fax us at 815-823-1305 or call direct 224-588-6894.

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