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November 2012 News:  Medical Regenerations recently received an SPD "Award of Excellence" for it’s Sterilizer Chamber Contract Cleaning Program. This service is offered Nationwide to all U.S. Hospitals and Canadian Hospitals.  Medical Regenerations use of a "Zero-Dust Environment"*TM, included with its Union Trained Technicians, have revolutionized the Sterilizer/Autoclave Chamber cleaning industry. Who says a little elbow grease can't bring a dirty chamber back to life?! Coupled with Joint Commission’s push to have all Chambers cleaned @ least twice annually, Medical Regenerations has implemented a clean, safe, working environment which includes a cleaning procedure that has been patented. Please contact us directly via the website or email directly @ or call 224/588-6894 to schedule your will be happy and satisfied you choose Medical Regenerations to complete your chamber cleanings contract.


Our Process:  The sterilizer cleaning process overall goal is to restore the interior of the unit to the original manufacturer specification and will insure optimal performance with the removal of dirt build-up. Over time, build up caused by detergents, grease, rust and normal oxidation become insulators which result in the reduction of the effectiveness of the sterilization process. The actual cleaning process we use is completely self-contained with minimal disruption to the area. We set up enclosures to confine any debris within the area we are working. We also thoroughly clean the work area prior to our departure. We use high-speed padded buffers combined with a non-toxic biodegradable compound to remove build-up within the sterilization chamber. In addition, we have developed a unique process to more effectively remove any green lime build-up on the back walls.Our sterilizer cleaning rates are currently running at approximately half the cost of what Steris or our other competitors are charging. There are no additional charges for travel or any other hidden expenses. We are fully bonded and insured and will provide you with a certified copy of our insurance.


  Any questions or concerns please email us directly at or call (224)588-6894. Thanks and enjoy using the system! 






 Medical Regenerations, Inc: We Service Flexible and Rigid Scopes to Sterilizer Chambers Cleaning/Refurbishment in SPD to On-Site Instrumentation Sharpening...We are your "One-Source" Hospital and Surgery Center Service Company. 

Medical Regenerations Inc is a fast-rising leader since 2003 among endoscopic and surgical repair facilities.  We have Trademarked (TM) our Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning Contract Process...Steris cannot touch our cost or quality of workmanship.  We specialize in the Repair and Refurbishment of Sterilizer Chamber Cleanings, Flexible Endoscopes, Rigid Endoscopes, On-Site Instrumenation Sharpening,Power Equipment,  Phaco Handpieces, Camera Systems, Dental Handpieces and Specialty Instruments.

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Attention SPD!! Medical Regenerations Sterilizer/Autoclave Chamber Cleaning Service is Recommended by Joint Commissions!

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"Medical Regenerations has stepped in and provided an answer to our soaring flexible scope repair cost and offered a cost effective maintenance solution , which is supplemented with outstanding customer service."

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